Massey Marketing & PR | Do Your Power Point Presentations Pass the Snooze Test?
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Do Your Power Point Presentations Pass the Snooze Test?

07 Jun Do Your Power Point Presentations Pass the Snooze Test?

Have to give a presentation that you don’t want everyone to sleep through?

This infographic by Udemy has some great things to think about! It does a great job of breaking down a presentation into content, design and delivery.

Content: Don’t get bogged down in the way your presentation looks at all at this beginning point. Just start writing down (or typing) all of your thoughts about what you want to talk about. Brainstorm! After that, organize your notes into topics. Frequently, you will realize that you have multiple topics that you can discuss. Review and make an outline based on what you are expected to share. The narrower the focus, the better. Put your points onto plain PowerPoint slides, not focusing on what they look like. Have a colleague or freelancer help you wordsmith your content.

Design: K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Silly. Don’t try to get too fancy with your design. Avoid busy slide templates, transitions and animation.

Delivery: This is probably my favorite guideline as it relates to presentations. The 10/20/30 Rule: 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30-point font or larger. And do NOT, I repeat, do NOT get up in front of people and read what is on the screen.

You want the slides to basically be your talking points. Share stories, make them laugh, make them cry. But no one wants to sit there and have you read to them. And practice!  Never give a PowerPoint presentation for the first time without practicing it. You want your stories to flow easily, and that only happens with practice.

Go kill it!

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