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We could do a lot more business if people could find us on the Web. Can you help us develop a web presence?

Absolutely. This is one of the things we do best. However, contrary to popular belief, creating a website does NOT guarantee more business. We will discuss your goals, analyze what you are currently doing, determine what sort of a web presence would be most effective for your company and then develop and execute and manage a plan to get you to your goals!

We have a website. How do I know if I need a new one or just an upgrade?

This is a great question – and one that we get often. Initially, we would discuss your growth goals. Subsequently, we will evaluate the effectiveness of your current website in helping to reach those goals. Once we have done that, we can make recommendations. We will not re-create the wheel if what you have can be tweaked to get you where you want to go.

We need help figuring out a game plan by which to grow our business. Can you help?

Absolutely. Once we understand your starting point, we have experts on our team that will map out a growth strategy with you for the next 6 months, one year, two years and five years. Several of our team members have significant experience starting and building successful companies, so this is something at which we excel.

I have heard that “white papers” and “e-books” are a good way to market. Is that true? If so, do you write them?

White papers and e-books help to position the writer/creator as an expert. They persuade without coming across as too “sales pitchy.” They are an excellent tool and we recommend that almost every type of business have as many as possible. CLICK HERE to view our blog that explains white papers in detail. And yes, we write them. Pricing varies on whether you have already the collected the necessary research or if we need to do the research and the writing.

We need research done on our industry and on our competitors. Do you do that?

Yes, we can help you identify what your competitors are doing, both poorly and well, in order to help you capitalize on your differences. We can help identify publications and sites that are relevant to your industry to discover potential media outlets and marketing venues. We can also help keep your finger on the pulse of your industry by summarizing industry news into concise, relevant updates and reports to keep you perpetually current.

We just want a website. Do you just do website development?

While we absolutely can help you with this, the majority of businesses need more than just a static website. Unfortunately, there is no truth to the belief that “if you build it, they will come” when it comes to websites. As such, we will gladly discuss your goals and help you determine what (if anything) we can do to assist you in reaching those goals.

Do you “Ghostwrite?”

All the time. We “ghostwrite” blogs, white papers, e-books, social media messages, speeches, etc. You name it, we write anonymously, and you get the credit.

We need to systematize the way we handle a new client. Can you help?

Yes, while this may not seem to be in the “sweet spot” of a marketing and PR firm, as your business becomes more organized and systematized, it gets more efficient. Since many of our team have owned businesses or functioned at a very high level in their previous positions, we all understand the importance of having a “repeatable” system for as many business processes as possible to streamline and improve your business.

Do you help with writing a business plan?

Yes. We have extensive experience in business plan writing. A concise and comprehensive business plan is especially important for firms raising investment capital.

Do you do E-newsletters?

Yes, in fact, one of our creative team developed a proprietary software for our E-newsletters that is very exciting. It will really impress your clients and prospects who receive it.

Do you help manage social media?

Yes, we have experts who understand how to promote businesses effectively using social media. There is little worse than the wrong approach in this area!

We would like to write our own content. Can we get your help with editing services?

Yes, we frequently work with people who like to write or even dictate their blogs. In cases like this, beyond the simple editing that we do, it is our job to be sure that Google can find your blog post easily to continue to improve your rankings.

Can you help us create videos?

Yes, members of our team were innovators at the forefront of video marketing. We can help you with everything from the writing to the production to the efficient digital delivery of video for your marketing, sales and training purposes.

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