Massey Marketing & PR | How Do I Come Up with a Tagline for my Business?
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How Do I Come Up with a Tagline for my Business?

20 Jun How Do I Come Up with a Tagline for my Business?

Do you have really need a tagline for your business? My “short answer” is yes. For starters, what is a tag line? The way I think about a tagline is that it is like the subtitle of your book. It should convey a message that resonates with people, especially your Perfect Prospect.

There are a few memorable taglines for movies that I bet you recognize immediately. Take this quiz:

What movie does this tagline go with?

1. “They’re here.”

2. “We are not alone.”

3. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.”

4. “Who ya gonna call?”

5. “Are you in or out?


1. Poltergeist

2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

3. Jaws II

4. Ghostbusters

5. Oceans Eleven

Did you get most of them right? These taglines successfully captured the essence of each of those movies. While your main goal is for people to remember the name of your company, a tag line helps them to do so. It belongs on everything, including your email signature, website, blog, business cards, brochures and your stationery.

When coming up with a tagline at Massey Marketing & PR, we like to coach people to think of something that they hear on a regular basis from their clients. It is something that your current clients would say and you want your Perfect Prospect to identify with.

Let me give you an example. One of our clients is a low-cost fertility medical practice. As we were brainstorming tag lines for these doctors, we asked, “What are their patients most pleased about?” What kept coming up was the simplicity of the fact that their patients get full-service fertility treatments at a lower cost than other practices. There is a sense of relief that they can actually afford to build their family.

We wanted to capture both the fact that this clinic offers affordable infertility treatments as well as the sense of relief that their patients feel. After brainstorming, we ended up with, “Finally, IVF we can afford.” The tagline is as simple as that. If you did not know anything about this medical practice, you could see that tagline and guess what they do, and if you were having trouble getting pregnant, it might even peak your interest enough to find out more.

So, if you do not have a tagline, start brainstorming! Ask your clients what they found most valuable about your services and expound on that. And call us if you want to bounce some ideas around!

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