Massey Marketing & PR | What is “Ghostwriting?”
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What is “Ghostwriting?”

09 Jun What is “Ghostwriting?”

A Ghostwriter is someone who writes from another person’s perspective. The writer learns about a subject matter as well as the other person’s writing/ talking style well enough to write from their perspective.

Did you ever have to write a paper high school from the perspective of your dog or someone else. You may ask what this has to do with marketing and PR. Great question.

When someone needs something written but does not have time, inclination or the skills to write, then they can hire a ghostwriter. This is commonly done when people have a speech writer in politics. Very skilled speechwriters can truly take on the perspective of the politician for whom they are writing.

This is also done in business. One place where I see it a lot and is in blogging. A lot of business owners want to have a blog on their website but they simply do not have time to sit down and write these on a frequent basis. They hire someone to do the writing for them.

This is something that we at Massey Marketing and PR do often. Our clients understand the value of being able to be found by Google through blogging and to be the expert resource for their clients. However they are so busy on a daily basis with their own to-do list and putting out fires that they just do not have the time. It is something that we can take off their hands.

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